16 Actual Real-Life Events That’ll Make You Wonder How Anyone Lives In Florida

Chances are you’ve probably heard the phrase “only in Florida” by now in reference to its reputation concerning criminal activity or bizarre happenings.

While there’s no denying that disturbing incidents really do occur there, the reason why we hear so many crazy stories about the state is because of its open-record laws that make most photos and videos (including mugshots) produced by a public agency much more easily accessible compared to other states. That said, there are plenty of delightful characters and incidents that helped Florida earn its bad reputation.

If you’ve ever needed a reason to steer clear of the Sunshine State, here are 16 perfect examples to get you started.

1. This awful human being gunned down a barbershop owner in Mount Dora all because the man wouldn’t give him a $2.00 haircut.

2. This classy Florida lady takes road rage to a whole new level. Warning: this video contains strong language.

3. There’s a reason this sign is here…

Read more: http://www.viralnova.com/wtf-florida/

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