Cops In Lithuania Keep Pulling Women Over, But Not For The Reason You’d Expect

There are approximately zero people on this planet who enjoy getting pulled over.

Seeing those red and blue lights in the rearview is always a gut-wrenching experience, and it’s one that most of us tend to avoid like the plague by driving the speed limit and never being that moron who doesn’t use turn signals. And that’s exactly what these ladies in Lithuania were doing earlier this week on March 8, so why were they getting pulled over?

As it turns out, the cops didn’t give them tickets. In honor of International Women’s Day, they decided to hand out flowers instead!

These ladies feared the worst, but based on their reactions, those flowers cheered them right up!

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(via BoredPanda / Facebook)

Some people are knocking these actions as being patriarchal, but aside from that, the response has been overwhelmingly positive. If ladies are smiling on the day that’s dedicated to everything they do, all’s well! Women are incredible, and it’s nice to see that these officers agree.

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