Doctors Gave This Family A Chance To Be Together Before Dad Died, And It’s So Moving

Most pregnant women want to avoid having their babies early if only to give the child the most time to develop and get stronger in the womb.

Everything can seem like a pain toward the end of a pregnancy, but the goal is usually to bring the baby to term before giving birth. Doctors knew that might not be the best course of action for one family, however, when they realized that waiting to go into labor would mean that the baby girl’s father would never get to meet her or see her face.

Mark Aulger, the expectant dad, had pulmonary fibrosis. His condition seemed to be worsening before his child was born, so his wife Diane worked together with her doctors to induce labor early.

Mark got the chance to hold her, and the whole family spent time together before he passed away. You’re going to need your tissues for this meeting.

I’m so grateful that doctors were able to introduce this dad to his daughter. She may not remember it, but she will have this video to treasure of that moment for the rest of her life. Be sure to SHARE their story with your loved ones.

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