If You Find This In Your Salad Mix, It’s Time To Find A New Grocery Store

Let’s be honest here. No on really likes eating salad. If health didn’t factor into it, most folks would choose bacon cheeseburgers over salads any day of the week. We all know, however, that salad is good for you. That just doesn’t make it taste any better.

If you find yourself running out of excuses for not buying salad fixings when you go to the store, allow me to present you with the following video. I won’t give it all away, but let’s just say that this family found an unexpected guest in their package of salad greens.


(via Reddit)

Just when I thought that salad couldn’t get any worse, Mother Nature had to throw this my way. Well, message received. I think I’ll just stick to bacon and french fries from now on, health be damned.

Read more: http://www.viralnova.com/spider-salad/

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