Iron Sheik asks the hard effing questions: ‘Obamacare or ObamaDontcare’?!/the_ironsheik/status/353146370607153153

This past April, the Iron Sheik shared his own feelings on Obamacare:!/the_ironsheik/status/326702179031322626

But today, he decide to give the people their chance to opine:!/Doc_Buso/status/353146627508281344

Survey says:!/TJY12345/status/353147960072212480!/AlexTallitsch/status/353146733682900993!/TheHipHopStan/status/353146517646884866!/whereishawkins/status/353147641208651778!/Midwestfan/status/353162462905896961

Whether these results convince Sheikie to stick to his guns or change his mind remains to be seen. But there’s at least one good takeaway from this little exercise:!/bryandooley/status/353154564398129153

The Iron Sheik at Public Policy Polling? With PPP’s reputation, it certainly couldn’t hurt.



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