Okay, This Ferret Either Wants To Show Off Her Babies Or Feed Them A Nice Human

Animals can display some pretty strange behaviors when it comes to their babies.

It’s totally understandable that they start to get vicious when they perceive a threat around their little ones. On the other hand, it’s incredibly disturbing that some will actually eat their young for what seems like no reason at all.

While this mother ferret didn’t exactly show aggression towards her kits or her owner when he got close to them, what she did do was definitely odd, funny, and cute at the same time.

For reasons unknown, this mom latched onto her owner’s hand and started pulling.

It quickly became apparent that she was guiding him towards the box holding her babies.

Whether she was trying to keep the kits warm with his body heat, needed a babysitter, or wanted to give them an afternoon snack isn’t clear, but she definitely wanted that hand in the box…

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Read more: http://www.viralnova.com/funny-ferret-mom/

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