Police Are Looking For This Woman After She Did Something Terrible To Her Child

In the United States, we have safe-haven laws, which are designed to protect babies whose parents conclude that they cannot care for them.

Safe-haven laws state that a parent can leave a baby at drop-off locations like police stations, fire stations, and hospitals to be cared for. The parent will not face any charges related to abandonment and can remain anonymous. Most see these laws as good alternatives to abandoning a baby in an unsafe location or actively harming or killing the child.

In Turkey, police are searching for a woman who abandoned her baby in a strange location, apparently seeing no other alternative without safe-haven laws to protect her.

CCTV captured the woman leaving the newborn underneath a car and walking away.

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(via Mirror)

Read more: http://www.viralnova.com/newborn-abandoned-under-car/

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