These Chicks Look Adorable, But There’s A Cruel Practice Behind Their Colors

You’ve probably seen them before — tiny chicks dyed bright pink and green to celebrate Easter.

And while they look precious, the dying process is not only toxic, but completely cruel. According to Don Anthony of the Animal Rights Foundation of Florida, animal rescuers all over the country are on high alert during the Easter season because so many chicks are harmed…sometimes before they’ve hatched.

The dye is either applied directly to the feathers or injected into the egg before it has hatched.

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While many farmers have grown to reject the process over the years as dyed chicks have fallen out of fashion, some will still follow through with it if enough people ask.

The outcome may look cute and festive, but the process can be brutal to such tiny chicks. Don’t believe me? Just check out the video below.

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