They Cut Their Gender-Reveal Cake Open, And They’re Having A…Nothing?

One of the latest trends in parenting is holding a gender-reveal party.

When one of these events is planned, almost everyone, even the parents, are kept in the dark about the gender of the child. The ultrasound results are given to one specific person, and that person then fills a balloon with pink or blue confetti or bakes a cake with pink or blue icing inside to indicate whether the baby will be a boy or a girl.

These parties tend to be lots of fun for friends and family alike, but they don’t always go according to plan. One couple who was looking forward to their gender-reveal party for weeks got quite the surprise when they cut into their cake.

Take a look at what made this gender-reveal cake such an epic fail in the video below.

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Oh no! I hope they got all their money back. And hey, at least they have an excuse to have another party! Be sure to share their hilarious mishap with your loved ones.

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