They Discovered Something Living In Their Backyard That Looked Alien…And Picked It Up

Finding a funny bug in your backyard isn’t too uncommon…but finding one that inspires you to scream and run in the other direction? That’s not quite as commonplace.

A family was hanging out in their backyard when they discovered this creature. For some reason, they decided to pick it up.

WHY would you pick it up?

Although it looks like a creation of the devil himself, it’s actually what’s known as the “horned caterpillar.” (Some people also call it the “hickory horned devil,” for obvious reasons.)

These evil-looking larvae grow up to be regal moths and they are commonly found in the southern United States. They may look poisonous, but their spikes lack venom and they are totally harmless.

Although, they’ll happily haunt your dreams.

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