This Pampered Nugget May Not Be A Dog Or A Cat, But Don’t Tell Him That!

If you heard this married couple talking about their beloved pet, you’d probably assume the critter was furry and cuddly like a cat or a dog.

While Scott and Ice’s little guy certainly is very cuddly, he doesn’t have any fur, and he definitely isn’t warm-blooded. That’s because he’s actually a giant lizard — a 20-pound Argentine red tegu, to be exact. Back in 2012, the couple welcomed him into their family as a tiny baby, and he’s remained their baby ever since.

World, meet MacGyver, the free-roaming lizard who’s clearly the apple of his mom’s eye and an absolute star on social media. These reptiles can be found in western Argentina, Bolivia, and Paraguay. Their diets include fruits, vegetables, insects, rodents, birds, and fish.

MacGyver is pretty partial to delicious fruit, and when he’s not literally being spoon fed…

…surfing the internet with Ice…

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“Because they get so large, it’s nearly impossible to find a prefabricated enclosure that is suitable for them for less than a couple grand,” Scott told The Dodo

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If you’ve fallen head over heels for this loveable dog — er, lizard, you can keep up with him and bask in his cuteness on Instagram and YouTube

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