This Severely Neglected Dog Was Nearly Blind, Now She’s Getting The Love She Needs

This Severely Neglected Dog Was Nearly Blind, Now She's Getting The Love She Needs

Poor little Sasha here didn’t ask for the tough life she’d been dealt. But like so many other dogs, she’d been abandoned by her family and left to fend for herself on the cold streets.

When the amazing people at Vet Ranch Rescue came across Sasha, she was living in a shelter. The sweet pooch was suffering from a debilitating eye condition and if they hadn’t decided to intervene and take her into their loving care, she’d surely have been put down.

Watch as Dr. Kerri helps Sasha with her many medical problems — you’ll be amazed by her transformation!

I was fighting back the tears while watching that. I’m so happy that Sasha’s story seems to have a happy ending. Every dog deserves our love and care.

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