This Video Of Elephants Running To See A Rescued Calf Is The Cutest Thing Ever

To answer Beyoncé’s infamous question “who run the world,” for the elephant kingdom at least, the answer is always girls.

Elephants are one of the few species in the animal kingdom that are matriarchal, and since females are in charge, it’s quite noticeable how different elephants are from humans. Among them, there’s a clear sense of compassion, love, and empathy. Maybe the fact that ladies run the show has something to do that. For a precious example, check out with this herd of elephants did when it was time to welcome a tiny new member to the family.

This little guy was in need of a new home and volunteers knew he was strong enough to join his kind.

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Dok Gaew was barely two years old when he was left alone in the wild and rescued by staffers at the Elephant Nature Park. After some rehab, it was time for him to join a new herd.

Watch what happened when it came time to meet the fam!

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