This Woman Almost Filmed Her Own Death When This 2×4 Flew Into Her Windshield

Wendy Cobb will probably never forget the 40 seconds you’re about to see.

She was driving along a highway in Shelby, North Carolina, when she noticed that two cars in front of her were holding up traffic illegally. Carefully, she took out her iPhone and started filming it, probably with the hopes of reporting it later. That’s when a piece of wood came careening through her car’s windshield, nearly taking her life…

The two-by-four came dangerously close to Cobb in the car, but luckily none of the shattered glass really affected her.

She feels lucky to have survived the incident, and who could really blame her? This is a crazy freak accident.

(via Daily Mail)

While it’s technically not anyone’s fault, this is exactly why it is so dangerous to leave giant pieces of trash on the road. Presumably, it fell off another truck. It was then kicked up into her car and easily could have killed Cobb or another driver. Even if she hadn’t been filming, this all happened so fast that defensive driving probably wouldn’t have helped.

Stay safe out there, everyone.

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