Watch What Happens When This Man Confronts Two Beach Thieves Stealing His Stuff. Justice Is Served, LOL!

Last weekend a man caught a couple of unlikely thieves trying to make off with his family’s beach stuff. So he did what any true American would do on the Fourth of July, he confronted them and caught the whole thing on video. The result is true viral gold.

According to an interview with the man, known only as Rich, he and his family were celebrating the Fourth of July at the beach when his sons needed a nap. Because Rich and his family were only staying about a block away they decided to leave their stuff. Rich said he’s been to Florida’s New Smyrna Beach many times before and felt it was safe. However when Rich returned about an hour and a half later he was greeted by two middle-aged women attempting to steal his tent canopy, beach chairs, boogie boards, and kids’ toys. Luckily he caught them in the act. After the video cuts off  Rich says the woman in red turned even nastier. At one point, he said, she gnashed her teeth, lunged at him, and screamed “I’m gonna grab your dick!” The two thieves eventually scurried away toward the parking lot saying something about how they needed to call “Pat.” The only injury was a scratch on Rich’s phone from when the woman tried to slap it out of his hand. Rich said he won’t be filing any charges, but also won’t be leaving his beach belongings unattended anytime soon. (H/T: Gawker) Share this hilarious story by clicking below.

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