Watch What Happens When This Reporter Meets A Man Who Is Way Too Touchy-Feely

“Do not touch me. DO NOT touch me. Why are you touching me again and again?”

When I think of unwanted touching, a vision of man harassing a girl comes to mind. As this video proves, however, anyone can get their personal space disrespected, and it’s always uncomfortable.

In the video below, a news reporter is pushing for an interview. While he’s definitely annoying, that doesn’t give the other guy the right to put his hands all over him. In fact, Mr. Touchy can’t seem to keep his hands off of anyone or anything in the room!

I can’t decide if this guy has a serious problem or if he’s just trolling the reporter. Either way, his actions are not okay.

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Talk about awkward! Be sure to share this uncomfortable moment with your friends and family who are serious about their personal space.

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