What Happened To This Bat Will Change The Way You Look At These Creatures Forever

Bats have a reputation for being creepy, vicious animals that only come out when something bad is about to happen. Gothic literature doesn’t do a whole lot to help their reputation, but bats play a valuable role in our ecoystem. Without bats, you’d get even more bug bites in the summer. No one wants that. And honestly, aside from the fact that they can fly, these critters aren’t much different from other mammals.

What happened when this baby bat got lost is proof that they’re absolutely not evil.

It’s awesome that Mom knew to stay nearby when her baby got lost, and the fact that she was able to carry the baby back to safety is so impressive. You can’t deny the fact that they’re adorable!

Read more: http://www.viralnova.com/lost-baby-bat/

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