You’ve Heard of Flash Mobs…But What About Cash Mobs? This Event is Epic.

Avi Gandhi is more than just a store owner. He’s a good friend to his loyal customers in Levittown, Long Island. Times were tough for Avi, who works 7 days a week. This forced him to miss important moments with his family, like when his wife Bharati battled cancer last year. As sales declined, he could barely afford to pay his rent and was getting worried that he might have to close his store. He didn’t want to become another failed business in the neighborhood strip mall.

Avi had no idea what surprise his loyal customers had in store. On what would normally be a slow Saturday, dozens of customers filled his small store. Everyone purchased dusty items off his shelves in what they called a “Cash Mob for Avi.”

When Avi started to catch on to what was happening, his emotions took over.

(Source: Liz Morrison Media)

What a nice thing to do for someone in your community. Liz Morrison, who made this film, says she did it as a joyous celebration of the average small business owner, and to say thank you to an all around great guy. I bet Avi is enjoying his town even more after this event. I know I would.

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