/13 Awesomely Unique Ways You Can Use Chalk

13 Awesomely Unique Ways You Can Use Chalk

Just the smell of chalk brings me back to afternoons on the playground drawing up four square courts and hopscotch games.

But those days are long gone and I still have tons of chalk strewn around my home. If you’re in the same boat, here are just a few of the ways you can reuse the stuff.

1. Temporarily dye your hair…here’s how.

2. Ants and other bugs hate talcum powder, a key ingredient in chalk, so you can draw lines in parts of your home that are susceptible to insects.

3. If your keys aren’t going into their locks without a fight, rub the edges with some chalk and they’ll slide in easily.

4. Chalk off dangerous zones in your yard — like the area around an outdoor grill — so children know where they shouldn’t go.

5. Want to plan your layout without doing the heavy lifting just yet? Chalk out where you want to put things to make sure everything fits.

6. You can color your own candles with crushed-up chalk.

7. Keep a pouch of chalk in your clothing drawers and closets to keep moisture out and freshness in.

8. Pretreat grease-stained clothes by rubbing the dirty spots with some chalk. Let them sit for a few minutes and then launder as usual.

9. Keep your tools in tip-top shape by storing them with some chalk. It will keep moisture from rusting your wrenches and other metal items.

10. The same concept applies to preventing your silverware from tarnishing. Just wrap some chalk in a cheesecloth and store it with your flatware.

11. You can also pop some chalk in with your jewelry to keep things tarnish-free.

12. Give your nails a makeover by rubbing a nail brush with some white chalk. Gently sweep under your nails. The brush will dust away dirt while the chalk gives your nails a bright, white finish.

13. Small scratches on your walls can easily be covered up with chalk that matches the paint color.

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Then again, we definitely won’t judge you if you use the chalk to start up a game of hopscotch with the neighborhood moms and dads…it’s fun!

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