/18 Kids Who Are So Happy, It’s Infectious

18 Kids Who Are So Happy, It’s Infectious

As adults, we’re all too caught up in our work lives to focus on making ourselves happy.

That’s probably the one thing I miss most about being a kid. Everything just appeared to be filled with pure, unadulterated joy, and even the tiniest things could put a smile on my face. Small children really understand the concept of not sweating the small stuff and finding beauty everywhere.

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Like laughter, happiness can be contagious, so here are 17 infectiously happy kids who are sure to brighten your day.

1. Because there’s no greater feeling than cheering on your favorite sports team.

2. Who knew trying new foods could be this exciting?

3. This tiny tot can’t contain her happiness about going for a ride.

4. In life, all you need is a four-legged best friend and a puddle to jump in.

5. If she keeps this up, she might just be the next Doctor Dolittle.

6. This little kid’s excited about his new job at UPS.

7. It’s not every day you see a kid get this excited about a race.

8. I have this same reaction whenever I make popcorn (until I realize that I’ve managed to burn it yet again).

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9. I don’t think I was ever this excited about riding the school bus.

10. They say it’s the thought that counts, but I think this kid was pretty excited about receiving a banana as a gift.

11. I feel the same way when I roll out of bed and wear my PJs to work.

12. Nothing gets me more excited than when it’s time for food.

13. Power outages are literally the worst, so I can appreciate this kid’s reaction when the lights come back on.

14. This girl goes “off the rails” after watching an approaching train for the first time.

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15. “Can you hear me now?”

16. When you look up happiness in the dictionary, you’ll find a picture of an ice cream truck.

17. I used to do this exact same dance whenever my parents bought me new clothes.

18. I miss the days when I could get this excited about losing a tooth and finding 50 cents under my pillow.

I didn’t expect these kids to have such an effect on me, but their joy makes me want to turn back time and spend the afternoon watching cartoons while eating dinosaur-shaped chicken nuggets. I think I just might.

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