/19 Struggles Of Being In An International Long-Distance Relationship

19 Struggles Of Being In An International Long-Distance Relationship

Two words: Skype Sex.

The BuzzFeed Community recently asked its followers to describe the hardest part about being in an international long-distance relationship. Here are some of their responses.

1. The ratio of time spent apart versus time together is so extreme: You spend six months apart, and two weeks together.

Repeat for five years. Submitted by Fiona Dorothy Requadt (Facebook)

2. You have to send photos and videos as a replacement for you or them not being there.

20th Century Fox / Via tumblr.com

Selfies can only go so far, for so long. Submitted by Hattie Rose Pacheco (Facebook)

3. You see other couples kissing, holding hands, and generally enjoying each other’s IRL presence, knowing that you still have another 181 days before you can do those things, too.

NBC / Via gurl.com

Submitted by Eryn Couzens (Facebook)

4. You are all too familiar with the double-edged sword that is Skype: Hearing the person’s voice and seeing them makes you long for them even more.

ABC / Via tumblr.com

LIT-ER-AL. Submitted by Fiona Dorothy Requadt (Facebook)

5. And on the topic of Skype, let’s talk about attempting Skype Sex.

If you’re unfamiliar, just imagine awkward IRL sex raised to the 100th power. Submitted by Amanda Mustard (Facebook)

6. You can’t introduce your significant other to friends, family, or co-workers, leaving you at parties with your single friends like:

Submitted by monicagabriellam (Facebook)

7. You realize that sometimes, words just aren’t enough.

Submitted by Keith Pereña (Facebook)

8. You get jealous, but not the kind most people would expect.

Disney / Via wordpress.com

“It’s not even out of a fear of infidelity, but I can’t help but be jealous of someone who gets to physically be in his presence when I’d do anything to have those moments to spend with him.” Submitted by kernst333 (Facebook)

9. You just have plain old “Hard Days.”

Columbia Pictures / Via mrwgifs.com

“Being alone on stressful days is a killer. All you want is a hug and all you can get is an hour or so on Skype. I hate the Atlantic Ocean so much.” Submitted by Amber Nicole Bettis (Facebook)

10. You have to deal with people who say that international long distance isn’t a “real relationship…”

Passion Distribution / Via newnownext.mtvnimages.com

GO. AWAY. Submitted by Hattie Rose Pacheco (Facebook)

11. …or who casually suggest that your partner is cheating on you because of the distance.

20th Century Fox / Via Tumblr

Please, be more passive aggressive. Submitted by Marcia Monteiro (Facebook)

12. You also have to answer the dreaded “What are you going to do?” question.

Disney / Via c1.thejournal.ie

“I don’t get it, when you start any relationship you don’t know how its going to end, why is mandatory for me to have every bit of my life planned out from the get go?” Submitted by Marcia Monteiro (Facebook)

13. You have to acknowledge passport privilege when it comes to who visits whom.

“My citizenship here means not only that I have the freedom to travel, but the privilege of employment, and at a somewhat livable wage. These kinds of privileges make things unbalanced when it comes to working together to be together.” Submitted by Eva Miranda (Facebook)

14. You have to carefully word your response to customs when they ask why you are entering the country.

Just flash the puppy dog eyes and tell them you’re coming to “see a friend.” Submitted by Valérie Ariane Foulem (Facebook)

15. And when you do see each other, it feels more like vacation and less like real life.

I.R.S. Records / Via youtube.com

Rose-colored glasses to the max. Submitted by Amanda Mustard (Facebook)

16. If you have to deal with a language barrier, it can be difficult to make a good impression on your partner’s parents.

NBC / Via giphy.com

Submitted by Allison Cook (Facebook)

17. You have to say goodbye at the airport.

And you seriously contemplate “missing your flight” to prolong the inevitable. Submitted by Mia Hall (Facebook)

18. You must also confront the unavoidable and ironic fear that after all the work that goes into adjusting to distance, you will not be able to handle the constant closeness when you do finally live in the same place.

20th Century Fox / Pink Panther / Via gifsec.com

Submitted by Ciara Mulvaney (Facebook)

19. But all of these are justified when you realize why you are doing this in the first place.

New Line Cinema / Via Tumblr

“Whether it be fate or sheer luck, you know that you need to make this relationship work because they’re just the most amazing person to every [sic] come into your life.” Submitted by Alison Dudu (Facebook)

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