/20 Delicious Meals You Can Make In Your Crock-Pot This Fall

20 Delicious Meals You Can Make In Your Crock-Pot This Fall

One thing I loved about fall as a kid was when my mom pulled out her trusty Crock-Pot and got to work on preparing hearty stews for our family.

The entire house would be filled with the tantalizing smells of her delicious meals, and I could almost never stop myself from sneaking a taste whenever she wasn’t looking.

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Now that the cool season is here, I find myself wanting to recreate her recipes. Unfortunately, I don’t have my own slow cooker, but I just might have to cough up the money to get one — especially now that I’ve seen all the amazing dishes I can make with them.

1. Because really, who doesn’t love chicken fajitas?

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2. This corn and potato chowder is a great way to stay warm on chilly nights.

3. Eat healthy(ish) with this yummy broccoli and cheese soup.

4. Skip the takeout and make your own mouthwatering lo mein.

5. Cream cheese chicken taquitos? Yes, please!

6. This chicken Alfredo lasagna will make all your guests drool.

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7. Be a little adventurous and try these tasty Mexican quinoa tacos — you definitely won’t regret it.

8. This caramel apple crumble proves that Crock-Pots are equally good at making scrumptious desserts, too!

9. Need something cheesy to go with your chips? Try this queso blanco dip — but don’t be surprised if you can’t stop eating it.

10. This easy Crock-Pot chili is the ultimate fall staple.

11. Make the best Philly cheesesteak sandwich ever with this awesome recipe.

12. What’s a fall night without some delectably creamy chicken and noodles?

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13. I don’t even care that this macaroni and cheese will probably give me a heart attack.

14. This buffalo chicken dip is perfect for parties — just don’t expect any leftovers.

15. I’d probably scarf all of these creamy mashed potatoes in one sitting.

16. This hash brown casserole makes for an amazingly comforting breakfast food.

17. This Crock-Pot pecan pie is screaming to be gobbled up.

18. Pumpkin butter is about to become my new go-to toast topping.

19. All of you pulled pork lovers are going to fall in love with this sweet sandwich recipe.

20. Chicken spaghetti paired with Velveeta can only turn out deliciously.

Okay, it’s settled — I’m heading out to buy my own Crock-Pot. These recipes are way too irresistible.

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