/21 Adorable Animals That Just Wanted To Drop In And Say Hello

21 Adorable Animals That Just Wanted To Drop In And Say Hello

When you’re having a bad day, even the smallest thing can help make it brighter. Something as simple as a smile or a wave from a stranger reminds you that there are other people out there going through some of the same stuff you are, and that it’ll be alright!

These adorable animals are here to help remind you of that, too!

1. You’re never too young to learn to surf…Alohaaaa!

2. The little twirl adds a nice touch!

3. “If you want anything more than a wave, you’re going to have to come to me. I literally can’t move.”

4. “Nice bike, bro!”

5. “Good morning. Now keep it down, I’m tryin’a sleep!”

6. “It’s been too long!”

7. “Hello new friend, what a B-E-A-UTIFUL DAY!”

8. “The water’s great! A toasty 50 degrees — come on in!”

9. “Oh my gawsh! It’s YOU!”

10. She may only have one eye, but that just means she’s great at winking at you!

11. “Well aren’t you all just adorable.”

12. “Hey, you got any treats over there?”

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13. “Take me to your leader, human!”

14. “Oh, have a nice drive!”


16. He can only let go for a second at a time, but I promise he’s really happy to see you.

17. He can’t see you yet, but he still wants to chill.

18. “Ladieees…”

19. Just because you don’t have all of your limbs doesn’t mean you can’t give an enthusiastic hello.

20. I don’t even care that he didn’t take a bath before saying hi.

21. And, of course, there’s Mishka:

I’m feeling a little better already! Now get out there and return the favor!

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