/5 Real (And Insane) Ways That People Used To Get High Back In The Day…Yikes

5 Real (And Insane) Ways That People Used To Get High Back In The Day…Yikes

People getting high isn’t exactly new. In fact, it’s nearly as old as time. That being said, if you thought contemporary drugs were bizarre, you’ll be pretty stunned when you see the crazy nonsense people used to do back in the day for a little lift.

1. U.S. soldiers used their guns to smoke weed.

During the Vietnam War, soldiers often made makeshift bongs out of their guns. They also tried to get high on C-4, but they stopped when too many soldiers got sick.

2. Using laughing gas for anything but surgery.

When laughing gas was first invented, it was seen as a gag and was used at house parties to get people laughing and having a good time 70 years before it was ever used in medicine.

3. Cannibalism. Yes, cannibalism.

Throughout history, people have gotten spiritual highs on human flesh. Gross, right? From Mayans to Romans, plenty of people have chowed down on their brethren. Leonardo da Vinci was even on board!

4. Ladies who added cocaine to their tampons were high as kites.

Because medicine has always been a patriarchal mess, doctors paid little to no mind to women’s ailments. To remedy that pesky period pain, they recommended that women throw some cocaine on their tampons before inserting them. Great idea.

5. Eating mold and riding brooms.

Housewives during the Middle Ages got high by brewing ergot, which is a form of mold that grows on rye. In fact, the high they got from it was so strong that they felt like they were flying. That’s why we associate images of women flying on brooms with witchcraft!

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Say no to drugs, friends. Getting high isn’t worth it…especially when it calls for eating human flesh.

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