/9 Of The Creepiest Pieces Of Surveillance Camera Footage Ever Captured

9 Of The Creepiest Pieces Of Surveillance Camera Footage Ever Captured

Since the invention of the security camera, we humans have been obsessed with the interesting (and insanely weird) things that are caught by these cameras when they’re not catching criminals.

A quick search of YouTube reveals millions of hours of uploaded security camera footage. This footage shows everything from mundane street views to intense, life-or-death situations, and even some paranormal encounters. While there are plenty out there, we’ve rounded up some of the best for you to enjoy (or fear…either one).

1. This guy is lucky nothing happened to him when he decided to take on a knife-wielding robber in a connivence store.

2. Not only did the security camera catch this burglar in the act, but it also caught him staring creepily at that sleeping baby. GET OUT OF MY HOUSE!

3. Last week, as a couple was reviewing their in-home security cameras, they came across this disturbing footage. While they were sleeping on the couch, someone broke in and just watched them from the top of the stairs.

4. Let this be a lesson to always wear your seatbelt.

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5. This smash-and-grab gun store robbery in Houston, Texas, is disturbing. I can’t believe how coordinated these guys were.

6. This is footage from another gun store robbery, this time in New Mexico. Just look at that video thumbnail. Nope to the max.

7. This footage is only made creepier by the fact that it happened on Halloween.

8. If you’re afraid of clowns living under your bed, then you might want to give this one a hard pass.

9. This is the final security footage of Elisa Lam that was taken inside a hotel in downtown Los Angeles. She disappeared after this video was recorded. Her body was found a week later inside the hotel’s rooftop water tank.

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Even though this footage is all pretty terrifying, it pays to have security cameras installed and constantly running. You never know what you might catch.

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