/Before He Disappeared Without A Trace, He Made This Unsettling 911 Call

Before He Disappeared Without A Trace, He Made This Unsettling 911 Call

When a person goes missing, it’s hard for their friends and family not to assume the worst.

And if it happens under mysterious circumstances? It’s even worse.

That is the story of oil field worker and father of four, 26-year-old Brandon Lawson. He disappeared without a trace during the early morning hours of August 9, 2013. It would appear to be a routine disappearance, except for one garbled 911 call that Lawson made just before he vanished.

Late on August 8, Lawson got into an argument with his common-law wife Ladessa Lofton and decided to take a drive to cool off. The trouble started when Lawson ran out of gas on Highway 277 near Bronte, Texas.

To remedy his situation, Lawson called his brother to pick him up and help him get some gas for the car.

Sometime between dialing his brother and when he arrived, Lawson placed a mysterious 911 call. During it, the dispatcher understood that Lawson “ran into somebody” and told them to “please hurry.”

In the 911 recording below, you can hear Lawson describing his situation, asking for a police officer, and the voice of a possible second person at the scene with him.

When his brother arrived, Lawson was nowhere to be found. Despite an extensive search of the area, there was no evidence of him. Only adding to the mystery, there was no activity on his bank accounts in the days after his disappearance.

Stranger still was that Lawson had recently learned he had an outstanding warrant in his name. At the time, he was avoiding police until he could get it sorted out. Something extreme must have happened in those moments to make him call 911 asking for help from the cops.

Anyone with information regarding the disappearance of Brandon Lawson is asked to call The TX Dept of Public Safety, MPC at 512-424-5074, or the Coke County Sheriff’s Office at 325-453-2717. They can request to give their tip anonymously.

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