/Ever Wish The Characters You Color Could Come To Life? Now They Can!

Ever Wish The Characters You Color Could Come To Life? Now They Can!

Coloring books are childhood staples. We can all remember spending hours bringing images of our favorite characters to life with crayons and pencils.

There’s also been a trend of adult coloring books (no, not “adult” in that sense) that feature more complex designs. These things are lauded for their stress-relieving qualities. But Disney’s research team has come up with a way for coloring book characters to come to life on a whole new level.

They’ve developed software that lets you see your character come to life in 3-D as you color.

It’s even able to pick up on textures, so crayons and pencils will show up on the screen just as they do on paper.

It also projects the colors and textures all around the 3-D version of the image, so you can see your character from every angle.

And these things can move!

Curling up the page can even make the figure dance.

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You can tweak them even more within the app to make them really get down.

For a more in-depth look at the technology, check this out:

YouTube / DisneyResearchHub

(via Visual News)

Disney tested the app on 315 volunteers — the majority of whom absolutely loved the experience. Researchers also say that watching the transition from 2-D to 3-D can help kids develop spatial and tactile abilities. And there’s a dancing elephant!

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