/He Locked Himself Out Of His Car, And How He Got Back In Is Pure Genius

He Locked Himself Out Of His Car, And How He Got Back In Is Pure Genius

You know what’s the worst? Locking yourself out of your car. You remember to take your phone out with you, but your keys? Not so much. And if you have a bizarre relationship with the universe like I do, you typically only lock yourself out when it’s approximately 40,000 degrees below zero outside, or when a hurricane decides to roll into town.

But what happens when you leave your AAA card sitting right next to your keys on the front seat, or when you don’t want to call your parents to tell them that you locked yourself out (again)? Well, if you want to open the car door without any additional humiliation, check these methods out.

1. If you have an older car, this trick is the one for you. With a bit of looped string, you can MacGyver your way back in without making any embarrassing calls.

2. To get into newer cars with electronic locks, grab a tennis ball and some scissors.

3. This is Bob. Bob understands our suffering on a spiritual level. With a wedge and a metal rod, he’ll show you how to pry that baby open and get to the power lock.

4. Here’s one that I’ve actually used because I’m the worst. As it turns out, you can use coat hangers to bust into older cars.

So there you have it, folks. These are four easy ways to break into your car when you forget how to be an adult and leave your keys inside. Let’s just limit this to our own vehicles, okay? After seeing how easy it is to get into these things, I think I’ll go ahead and stop leaving my valuables in there.

Read more: http://www.viralnova.com/locked-out/

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