/Here Are 50 Adorable Baby Animals Organized By The State They Represent. Which One Is Yours?

Here Are 50 Adorable Baby Animals Organized By The State They Represent. Which One Is Yours?

Do you know your state’s official bird? What about its motto? Drink? No matter if you do or don’t, forget everything you know because we found a much better state list for you. This is every state’s baby animal. Although some are birds, they are baby birds so they are quite a bit cuter than the normal state animal. Awwww, even the bugs are cute.

1.) Alabama: American Black Bear

2.) Alaska: Moose

3.) Arizona: Ring Tailed Cat

4.) Arkansas: Mockingbird

5.) California: Gray Whale

6.) Colorado: Big Horned Sheep

7.) Connecticut: Sperm Whale

8.) Delaware: Gray Fox

9.) Florida: Florida Panther

10.) Georgia: Right Whale

11.) Hawaii: Hawaiian Monk Seal

12.) Idaho: Appaloosa Horse

13.) Illinois: Monarch Butterfly

14.) Indiana: Northern Cardinal

15.) Iowa: American Goldfinch

16.) Kansas: American Bison

17.) Kentucky: Gray Squirrel

18.) Louisiana: Louisiana Catahoula Leopard Dog

19.) Maine: Maine Coon Cat

20.) Maryland: Chesapeake Bay Retriever

21.) Massachusetts: Boston Terrier

22.) Michigan: Painted Turtle

23.) Minnesota: Loon

24.) Mississippi: Bottlenose Dolphin

25.) Missouri: Missouri Fox Trotter

26.) Montana: Grizzly Bear

27.) Nebraska: White Tailed Deer

28.) Nevada: Desert Bighorn

29.) New Hampshire: Spotted Newt

30.) New Jersey: Horse

31.) New Mexico: Roadrunner

32.) New York: Beaver

33.) North Carolina: Eastern Box Turtle

34.) North Dakota: Nokota Horse

35.) Ohio: Ladybug

36.) Oklahoma: Raccoon

37.) Oregon: Dungeness Crab

38.) Pennsylvania: Great Dane

39.) Rhode Island: Rhode Island Red Chicken

40.) South Carolina: Wood Duck

41.) South Dakota: Coyote

42.) Tennessee: Bobwhite Quail

43.) Texas: Nine-banded Armadillo

44.) Utah: Rocky Mountain Elk

45.) Vermont: Morgan Horse

46.) Virginia: American Foxhound

47.) Washington: Killer Whale

48.) West Virginia: Timber Rattlesnake

49.) Wisconsin: American Badger

50.) Wyoming: Horned Lizard

Washington D.C.: Wood Thrush

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