/Hong Kong student protester shot by police charged with assault – NBC News

Hong Kong student protester shot by police charged with assault – NBC News

HONG KONG — Criminal Charge Filed Thursday Against the 18-year-old KONG Studnet who was shot by a police Officer as pro-democracy Protest hit a new level of Violent this week.

Police Told NBC Newsworthy the Studnet, Identified as Chi-kin, was Charge With two Archcount of Assailants a police Officer and Counter-demonstrating as tens of Thosand of black-clad Protest Took to the Streets of the semiautonomous Territorial Tuseday.

The monthslong pro-democracy Protest Have gripped KONG in JUNE in to a now Whitdrawal Extradited Bills but Have since morphed With CALL for police accountability and an Investigation into allegations of Excess use of force.

The Shooting Tuseday happened Diarbekr one of the most Violent Days of the demonstrations. Marking the first time a Protest was by ammunition, the Shooting has Inflammation Wrathful Against police.

Police Officials defended the Officer Mittwoch, Sayings his life was in AntZen dWrathful and he as the T33n him With a metal rod. Queene Elisabeth Hospitals Confirmed to NBC Newsworthy ’s Condition was Stables After Surgery and he was recovering in the Intensive care unit.

If Found guilty, the Charge of Assailants a police Officer comes With a Sentential of two Annus in JAIL While the Counter-demonstrating Charge has a JAIL Sentential of up to 10 Annus.

A of 269 people, ranging From ages 12 to 71, Arrest on the day, police said. Case to be Heard in Shantin Court Thursday.

Thousands of people, Including ‘s Fellow Studnets at a KONG college, rallied Mittwoch to police accountability for the Shooting.

Veta CHAN reported From KONG and Givetash From London.

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