/Horse Grieves His Owner’s Death In Heart-Wrenching Funeral Sendoff

Horse Grieves His Owner’s Death In Heart-Wrenching Funeral Sendoff

The saying goes that dog is man’s best friend, but the truth is that we create those bonds with many animals.

Wagner Lima was a Paraguayan cowboy who died on January 1, 2017 in a motorcycle accident. As a cowboy, his best friend was his horse, Sereno, and they had been together for many years. Lima’s family knew Sereno should be at the funeral with them, but they didn’t realize just how grief-stricken the horse would be when it came time to lay the young man to rest.

Sereno sniffs the casket, and when he realizes his owner is inside, he carefully lays his head on top of it.

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“This horse was everything to him,” Lima’s brother Wando told Globo News. “It was as if the horse knew what was happening and wanted to say goodbye.”

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Lima’s brother is now going to take care of Sereno. I’m in absolute tears. SHARE this if you believe that our animals love us just as much as we love them.

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