/I Don’t Care If You Like Golf Or Not. This. Is. INSANE.

I Don’t Care If You Like Golf Or Not. This. Is. INSANE.

Golfing is hard. Don’t let those pros on TV make you think any different. That’s why we hate it when those friends of ours brag about being a natural at the game. What they don’t ever tell you is how many thousands of dollars they dropped on lessons and buckets of balls, right? Have your friends put their money where their mouths are and take them to this impossible course in Idaho. Something tells us they might need a few gimme strokes…

The 14th hole on the Lake Coeur d’Alene golf course in Idaho is the most challenging pin you’ll ever try to hit. Especially since the man-made island green at the end is designed to move, providing a playable length ranging from 110 to 210 yards for men and 65 to 130 for women.

Players tee off from shore, then board a small electric passenger ferry known as ‘Putter’ for the trip to the floating green of the Par 3 hole. Just remember, if you manage to land your ball on the bobbing green, you’ll have to catch a boat out to take your next shot.

A boat attendant assists the players and caddies on and off the boat and on the return trip, a certificate of achievement is awarded to players with their name and score in calligraphy.

As Andy Mackimmie, head professional at the course, says: “The fourteenth is the ultimate risk and reward. Land on the island, and you’re a hero. Otherwise, you’ll join one of thousands of balls fished out of the water by divers every year.”

We know what you’re thinking now. I wonder if anyone ever falls off that thing? Well your wish is our command…

Next time your buddy boasts about shooting a 79 last weekend while you were on Dad duty, share this page with him and ask “Challenge accepted?” Something tells me he’ll shut up. 😉 (via DailyMail)

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