/Motorists Spotted This Creepy Woman Wearing White Walking Down The Side Of The Road

Motorists Spotted This Creepy Woman Wearing White Walking Down The Side Of The Road

I’ve been covering the ghost beat here at ViralNova for a while now, and I’ve read a lot of similarities in these stories. Few are more uncanny than the common materialization of a “lady in white.”

Why is this specific haunt so prevalent, not just in American paranormal culture, but in Europe as well? Could it be remnants of an old folktale? Or is “she” part of a broader paranormal phenomenon?

In any case, this video of a woman in a wedding dress was taken this past week on a deserted highway in New Jersey. The figure perfectly fits the description of the these “lady in white” sightings.

According to Bill Hand, who originally caught her on tape, she was carrying flowers, wore a veil, and didn’t respond to offers for help. And he wasn’t alone…this radio personality explains the same thing:

As it turns out, there’s pretty much a “white lady” myth from every corner of the globe. Often, the ghostly figure is tied to a local woman of note who was confronted with tragedy. She becomes the town’s “banshee,” a harbinger of death.

The “white lady” is often seen while driving down a dark road such as in this video. She can also be seen at the front door of your house, which in England, marks the foreboding death of one of your family members. There was even a movie called Lady in White, which depicted a ghost woman searching for her daughter in Rochester’s Durand Eastman Park.

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