/One Guy Took His Nutella Obsession To The Next Level On Instagram

One Guy Took His Nutella Obsession To The Next Level On Instagram

The love between one man and his jar.

1. Nutella is almost universally loved, but 24-year-old Wardere Farah is even more dedicated to the spread than most.

2. His entire Instagram account is literally dedicated to the chocolate-y hazelnut-y goodness.

3. The Canada resident has been posting photos of Nutella jars since 2012.

4. Farah’s got some great friends, who eventually bought him a giant jar.

5. So in 2014, he upped his game and resolved to post one photo per day.

He didn’t quite hit that goal, but he came awfully close.

6. Farah told BuzzFeed posting the Nutella photos started as a way of tackling a positive challenge during a time in his life when he felt lost.

“It got me out of my dark place,” he said.

7. His Nutella always keeps him company. Like when he shovels snow.

8. And when he works out.

9. Even when he needs an adversary on the playground.

10. Yeah, they’re pretty close.

11. Just don’t try to give Farah’s relationship with Nutella a label.

“It could be my girlfriend, a baby, a friend, anything. Don’t put me in a box. Don’t put it in a box. Just have fun with it.”

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