/Recycling Is Great, But What These People Are Doing With Plastic Bags Is Awesome

Recycling Is Great, But What These People Are Doing With Plastic Bags Is Awesome

Approximately 550,000 people in the United States are facing homelessness as we speak.

The number in Canada is a bit lower, ringing in at around 200,000, but the statistics are still tragic. As you can imagine, Marilyn O’Connor’s decision to crochet plastic mats for the homeless was met with great acclaim. The woman, who currently lives in Prince Edward Island, Canada, enlisted the help of fellow Bible group members to create mats that would help homeless members of their community stay dry.

What makes these creations so unique is that they’re made out of plastic bags. She’s recycling and helping homeless people at the same time!

O’Connor said that she got the idea from Pinterest. These durable mats allow people to get off of the wet ground during storms.

So far, O’Connor and her friends have made over a dozen mats, and they’ve donated many of them to a local men’s shelter.


Fortunately, Marilyn O’Connor isn’t the only one doing great work like this! Volunteers at a Methodist church in Omaha, Nebraska, provide homeless members of their community with similar mats.

If this sounds like something you’d like to do, here’s a quick tutorial on how to crochet plastic bags.

(via CBC News)

The generosity these people have shown is tremendous. Let’s just hope that it’s infectious, too.

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