/Redditor Gets Epic Secret Santa Gifts, And You’ll Never Guess Who They’re From

Redditor Gets Epic Secret Santa Gifts, And You’ll Never Guess Who They’re From

Every year, Reddit holds a Secret Santa exchange for Christmas, during which one lucky user finds themselves paired with none other than Bill Gates.

The Microsoft co-founder doesn’t disappoint, either. Not only does he shower his recipients with extravagant, thoughtfully chosen and customized gifts corresponding to their interests, but he donates to various nonprofit organizations in their names. Check out the awesome presents he sent to last year’s match here.

For 2017’s event, Redditor VietteLLC was delighted (and a little overwhelmed) to learn that she was Gates’ giftee.

“I’ve done the Reddit gift exchange for years now. I love all the silly little gifts,” she wrote. “I always check out the Bill Gates post and laugh at how crazy it must have been for that person, never for a second even considering it a possibility for me.”

It must be her lucky year, then. On December 20, VietteLLC was greeted with the sight of a FedEx delivery guy lugging a refrigerator-sized box. Inside was a wonderland of gifts for the cat lover, including a 30-pound Pusheen plushy!

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To go along with his annual tradition, Gates also managed to sneak himself into her family portrait…

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…which came in the form of a commissioned cross-stitched piece of VietteLL, her cats and Gates in disguise. How adorable is this?