/This Duo’s Art Installation Was So Creepy That Someone Called The Authorities

This Duo’s Art Installation Was So Creepy That Someone Called The Authorities

More often than not, artists create with the intention of eliciting a response.

And that’s precisely what Swedish creators Erik Vestman and Nils Petter set out to do every time they place installations around their home city. One of their most recent endeavors has certainly attracted attention from passersby and law enforcement officials alike, and like most attention of this variety, it wasn’t always positive.

But that was the goal. The controversial project in question was designed with interruption in mind.

When the two artists set out to present Sinking to the people in their community, they had to keep it under wraps.

The plan was to submerge eerie images in public bodies of water with the goal of disturbing viewers.

And disturbance is exactly what they achieved. This chilling image of a woman floating face down in the water not only made spectators uncomfortable, but it actually inspired one passerby to call emergency services.

When firefighters and divers arrived on the scene, they were shocked (and understandably irritated) to discover that this doomed woman in a wedding gown was decidedly two dimensional.

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The bizarre lady in the water — standing 85 centimeters tall — helped bring the artists behind her existence to everyone’s attention by becoming front-page news.

In true artistic form, they weren’t deterred by the attention or the media backlash. In fact, they were inspired by it — so much so that they added a second piece to the Sinking family.

Fortunately for officers, this one brought the same level of creepiness to the scene without making people fear for anyone’s safety.

Check out these offbeat creators in action.

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One of the best things about art is that it never exists in a vacuum. By the time any given piece makes its way through the creative process, it’s left unique impressions on each person involved.

To learn more about this team, check them out on Facebook and YouTube.

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