/This Shadow Has Been Showing Up In Photos For Years, And Now It Has A Name

This Shadow Has Been Showing Up In Photos For Years, And Now It Has A Name

While poring over dozens of vintage snapshots, art collector Jean-Marie Donat noticed a pattern. This perceived commonality had nothing to do with scenes, subjects, or backgrounds. It had nothing to do with how the images were staged or why they were captured in the first place. It had to do with someone behind the lens making his way to the fore.

He’s merely a shadow. He’s a thousand people and a single man all at once. He’s the missing link between otherwise dissonant, unrelated images. In Donat’s mind, he’s the predator.

In a limited-edition book called Predator, Donat weaves his way through an imagined story — one that takes an innocuous figure and turns it into something sinister.

Focusing only on images in which the figure is wearing a hat, Donat invites us to follow the predator across decades.

A shadow that once went unnoticed is suddenly the spectator’s focal point.

By inventing a shared experience for these disparate shadows, Donat challenges us to see beyond the most obvious visual narrative and turn our attention to the gut-wrenching sensation of being watched.

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In reality, these shadows belong to many men. They belong to photographers capturing innocent moments while wearing the hats that were in fashion at the time. If we entertain Donat’s vision, however, we’re tasked with making connections. We’re forced to string common threads across what used to be chasms.

If you want to purchase a copy of Predator, you can do so here.

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