/What This Dog Did For Her Owner Will Have Your Jaw On The Floor

What This Dog Did For Her Owner Will Have Your Jaw On The Floor

Just like any other shelter dog, Lilly hoped someone would see her true colors and adopt her.

That day came when David Lanteigne rescued her for his mom. Christine Spain had suffered from alcoholism and depression, but when Lilly came into her life, she made great strides in her recovery.

But then Spain got some bad family news and she sadly relapsed.

While Lilly and her mom were out on a walk one evening, Spain passed out some railroad tracks. As a train approached, Lilly did the only thing she knew would save her owner…she dragged her off the tracks.

Unfortunately, Lilly sustained debilitating injuries when she took the brunt of the train’s hit.

Veterinarians had to amputate her right front leg and her recovery was long and hard…

But Lilly was a fighter.

After she made a full recovery, the caring pit bull decided to make it her life’s goal to educate others on how great her breed really is.

So many people still believe they’re scary, aggressive animals…but that’s not the case at all.

She was six years old when her forever family took her in, which is even further evidence that old dogs are just as loyal and loving as tiny pups.

Without Lilly, her mom might not have survived to live another day!

If there’s one thing we can all learn from Lilly, it’s this…

Pit bulls are just like any other dog — with a little love, a home, and a caring forever family, they can and WILL be the best pup you’ve ever owned.

Be sure to follow along with all of Lilly’s adventures on her Facebook page!

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