/When Grandma Showed Signs Of Abuse, They Took Action — What They Found Is Horrific

When Grandma Showed Signs Of Abuse, They Took Action — What They Found Is Horrific

Placing your loved ones into a nursing home can be a stressful situation.

Not only are you uprooting your family member from the lifestyle they’re used to, but you’re placing them under 24-hour care of nurses and staff that are really nothing more than complete strangers. Will your loved one receive the attention they need or will they suffer hateful neglect by staff that are only there for a paycheck?

When 98-year-old Minnie Graham was placed in a nursing home, she began showing signs of heavy bruising and possible abuse. While the staff at the home assured Graham’s family that their grandmother had fallen out of her wheel chair several times, the family was unconvinced. After installing a hidden camera in her room, Graham’s grandchildren discovered that her injuries were the result of abuse by staff.

Learn more about her harrowing story in the video below. Be warned that this content may be disturbing to some viewers.

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Oklahoma has recently enacted a law that will allow nursing home residents to install their own monitoring cameras in their rooms without facility interference. Share this story if you think more states should join in on protecting our elderly loved ones.

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