/When This Dog Wants Snacks, All He Does Is Ask For Them

When This Dog Wants Snacks, All He Does Is Ask For Them

Have you ever wished your dog could talk? The pet owner in this video doesn’t have to wonder what that would be like — when his dog wants a treat, all he does is ask!

I adopted my dog from a shelter when she was two years old. Since I have no idea what her life was like before she met me, I’ve often wished that we could crack open some beers and swap stories. Where did she live? What was her owner like? Did she have any brothers or sisters? Let’s be honest, though — if she really could talk, she’d probably just ask me for a snack!

Sir Dethan is a Landseer Newfoundland who loves to speak. He might sound like a grumpy old man, but his dad knows that he’s just trying to say, “Two cookies, please!”

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