/When This Drone Flew Over The Ocean, It Found The Only Two People In The World

When This Drone Flew Over The Ocean, It Found The Only Two People In The World

While weddings themselves are very much about people’s tribes in their entirety, a relationship that culminates in such a celebration starts with two.

Two people meet. Two people test the waters and take the plunge. They fumble through awkward dates until struggling with a plate full of pasta goes from embarrassing to endearing. They meet in the glorious middle filled with a type of love that warrants rings, parties, and promises of growing old together.

Her ability to capture the sense of oneness that can be found in a pair is what sets Helene Havard‘s wedding photography apart. The Tahiti-based artist recently teamed up with Flying World Pictures to create a collection that both literally and figuratively elevates the craft.

The combination of drone technology and Havard’s careful eye creates scenes populated by subjects who appear to be the last two people on Earth.

If you want to get a feel for what these shoots look like in action, check out the video below.

Bora bora Wedding Jacob & Jodi from Flying World Pictures on Vimeo

To see more of Helene Havard’s work, visit her website. For regular updates, follow her on Facebook and Instagram!

You can watch more videos by Flying World Pictures here.

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