/When Traveling To Colombia, Beware Of Devil’s Breath…It Can Turn You Into A Zombie

When Traveling To Colombia, Beware Of Devil’s Breath…It Can Turn You Into A Zombie

You might say that these days, the world is experiencing a bit of a thawing period concerning the war on drugs. Of course, the majority of them are still illegal, however, punishments for possession and recreational use of these substances have been significantly reduced in many parts of the world. That being said, there are still some drugs out there that you should stay away from forever and ever.

One of those drugs is a mysterious substance known as “Devil’s Breath.”

Burandanga or Devil’s Breath, as it’s widely know, is said to be found almost exclusively in Colombia. It is derived from the flowers of the borrachero tree.

The drug is the stuff of folklore and urban legend in Colombia. It’s said that Devil’s Breath removes the free will of those on it and wipes all memories of their experience while intoxicated.

In 2012, Vice dispatched one of its correspondents to the capital of Colombia to investigate the rumors. There, they encountered a wide variety of stories from people who believe they were drugged with Devil’s Breath. Some told of being raped, forced to empty their bank accounts, and in one case, convinced to give up an organ.

Part of what makes Devil’s Breath so terrifying is that it can easily be administered to someone against their will.

For the most part, Devil’s Breath takes the form of a simple odorless and tasteless powder. According to one drug dealer, the substance can be blown in the face of a stranger on the street. Then, within minutes, they’re fully under your control. “You can guide them wherever you want,” he said. “It’s like they’re a child.”

Part of Vice’s investigation also found that the CIA allegedly attempted to use Devil’s Breath as a tool in interrogations during the Cold War.

You can check out the full documentary in the video below.

(via Daily Mail)

Well, here I was planning a trip to South America this summer. I’ll probably still go, but I’ll just have to be wary about letting people blow strange powders in my face.

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