/When Two Loving Dogs Refused To Leave Their Dead Owner’s Side, Our Hearts Broke

When Two Loving Dogs Refused To Leave Their Dead Owner’s Side, Our Hearts Broke

When police were called to a remote location in Paraná, Brazil, to pick up the remains of a man who was murdered in his home, they had no idea what they’d find. That’s why they were blown away when they saw two dogs standing over his body. Even though the dogs were exhausted, they became visibly upset when the man’s body was loaded up and taken away.

Most heartbreakingly of all, they followed the vehicle for more than 10 miles until they couldn’t run anymore. The footage is so sad that we couldn’t bear to watch it more than once.

“The dogs seemed very loyal to the owner,” Carlos de Anjos told Globo News. “They followed us almost all the way until the exit to the city. The bigger dog was in front of our car, and the smaller was behind us. They were quite anxious.”

Anjos was so moved by the two dogs that he told the victim’s extended family about their loyalty. He even volunteered to take one of the dogs. Luckily, the victim’s neighbor agreed to look after the other. For more on this heartbreaking story, check out the video below:

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Não tem como não chorar vendo isso gente :'( 󾍅Os cachorros que seguiram carro do IML com o corpo do tutor morto por assassinato no interior do Paraná foram adotados 󾆷 󾮞󾮞 󾮞“Essa é uma grande lição. O cachorro foi fiel ao dono até na morte. Isso mostra que não se deve abandonar nenhum animal. Essa demonstração de carinho me emocionou muito, por isso não posso deixá-lo sozinho”, disse o cinegrafista. “Me emocionei muito ao ver aquela cena, o cachorro correndo atrás do carro mostra a fidelidade e o amor do animal. Isso é uma grande lição”, disse o cinegrafista Carlos.Direitos dos Animais.Matéria em vídeo G1

Posted by Direitos dos Animais on Tuesday, December 8, 2015

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“This is a great lesson. The dog was loyal to the owner even in death,” Anjos said. “This shows that one should never abandon any animal.” We wholeheartedly agree, Anjos. There’s no form of loyalty stronger than the bond that’s shared between a dog and its favorite human.

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