/You did build that: Conservatives hammer Democratic Party platform

You did build that: Conservatives hammer Democratic Party platform


Under the combined pressures of an approaching Tropical Storm Isaac and, even worse, a potential visit from party crasher Joe Biden, the Republicans managed this week to put together their official platform for next week’s convention. The Democrats have the luxury of an extra week to prepare, but helpful citizens are pitching in with their own planks for the #DemocraticPartyPlatform.

Who built it? @JeromeEHudson: I see some very interesting planks in the #DemocraticPartyPlatform

— Mav #USA (@TheMaverick21) August 23, 2012

Racism #DemocraticPartyPlatform

— Jerome Hudson (@JeromeEHudson) August 23, 2012

#DemocraticPartyPlatform Not Constitutional? That's what executive orders are for!

— Bossy Brat (@JGalt9) August 24, 2012

#DemocraticPartyPlatform Math is hereby banned forever! #BurnTheMathWitch

— The Political Hat (@ThePoliticalHat) August 23, 2012

#DemocraticPartyPlatform Trickle Up Poverty

— PoofImGraham (@PoofImGraham) August 23, 2012


#DemocraticPartyPlatform Amazing new freebies from Obama's stash. Details unavailable until after the election.

— Bossy Brat (@JGalt9) August 23, 2012

#DemocraticPartyPlatform If it moves, regulate it. If it keeps moving, tax it. If it stops moving, subsidize it.

— Breaking Galt (@ProLibertyDude) August 23, 2012


Love thy neighbor. Put everything you want on their tab. #DemocraticPartyPlatform

— Demetrius Minor (@dminor85) August 23, 2012

#DemocraticPartyPlatform – FREE SHIT!

— CO2 Insanity (@CO2Insanity) August 23, 2012

#DemocraticPartyPlatform Socialism is failing in Europe so let's try it here.

— Brian Folks (@RightFolks) August 23, 2012

War on Women!!! #DemocraticPartyPlatform

— The Right Pfeil (@Cowboy__Country) August 24, 2012

Life, Liberty, and free- government funded birth control for everyone #DemocraticPartyPlatform

— Peej (@pj_amato) August 23, 2012

A single-celled organism on Mars is a life. A 20 week-old baby inside the womb is not. #DemocraticPartyPlatform

— Jerome Hudson (@JeromeEHudson) August 23, 2012

God didn't give you that uterus, we did. #DemocraticPartyPlatform

— Demetrius Minor (@dminor85) August 23, 2012

#DemocraticPartyPlatform Give us your poor, your tired, your huddled masses yearning for freebies.

— Bossy Brat (@JGalt9) August 23, 2012

@JeromeEHudson It's still Bush's fault. #DemocraticPartyPlatform

— Jordan Comstock (@that1baldguy) August 23, 2012

#DemocraticPartyPlatform Look, SQUIRREL!

— momma (@moronmomma) August 23, 2012

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