/You’ll Need Some Tissues When You See What This Military Dad Did For His Son

You’ll Need Some Tissues When You See What This Military Dad Did For His Son

It’s no secret that holidays are tough for military families.

The months and years soldiers are gone drag on forever in their loved ones’ minds, especially when there are little ones involved. For the children of our country’s bravest men and women, deployment is hard to understand.

What will they do when Christmas rolls around and Dad isn’t there? If Mom’s not home, who will they share their Halloween candy with? One three-year-old by the name of Bryson York knows that feeling all too well. Staff Sgt. John York is a Marine, and he’s also Bryson’s dad. The little guy had no idea what he’d do without Dad on the holidays, but fortunately for him, his parents had a brilliant idea.

Who says you can’t celebrate every holiday at once? Certainly not Priscilla and John York! Check out what they did for their son before Dad left to serve the country.

But Bryson’s reaction wasn’t even the best part!

John had absolutely no idea Priscilla was recording their adventures, so when she showed him the video before he left, he couldn’t believe it. “I think he watched it 1,000 times over and over,” she joked to ABC News. While nothing could possibly replace spending the holidays together, the memories this family made ahead of time will help tide them over until Dad comes home.

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